It is not always enough to have classroom knowledge, so we have many other activities that are available for the children to enjoy. Beginning the day with yoga is a beautiful habit that calms both the mind and body allowing the positive energy to course through. This positive energy makes the learning clearer and more interesting. Interest in games as cricket, football and basketball are given full encouragement and there are class teams which have regular matches.

Apart from these there are premium facilities such as Music and Arts Classes, both performing and visual, are on offer for the students to cut their teeth on. Incidentally, the school also organizes sight-seeing tours and trekking expeditions for the students to get that much closer to the world beyond the classroom. The trekking expeditions are a fruitful physical exercise as they get to breathe in fresh air of the hills and get that much closer to nature.


At Adithya International School, extra-curricular activities are not optional each and every student gets to experience and practice all the following activities, which are all included in the time table.

  • Swimming
  • Roller skating
  • Karate
  • Silambam
  • Chess
  • Instrumental Music

  • Classical Dance
  • Western Dance
  • Yoga
  • Clay Modeling
  • Origami